Full Name Sinbad
Parents Father
Additional Info
Number of Issues 3
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Once Upon a Time
Last Appearance
Ever After

Sinbad is the captain of the Al Da'rab. He is the former captain of the Al Azif.


In the ComicsEdit


"Some call him a womanizer, others call him charismatic, some think him a brute, others charming but all know one thing: Sinbad is a great sea captain whose skill in hand to hand combat is unmatched by any. Falsely accused of murder and banished from his home city, Sinbad has learned of the Jericho Visor, the one artifact that might be able to clear his name. With his faithful crew by his side, he has set out to find the visor and prove his innocents."

Once Upon a TimeEdit

Sinbad One-ShotEdit

Ever AfterEdit



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