Samantha Darren
Full Name Samantha Darren
Additional Info
Number of Issues 5
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Once Upon a Time
Last Appearance
Ever After


In the ComicsEdit


"Sela's successor as the guardian of Earth. Samantha was saved from Belinda by Sela during a fight that appeared to cost Sela her life. While Sela was presumed dead, Samantha was trained to replace her. Sela resturned from death's doorstep and quickly named Samantha her successor should she not return from her mission to stop the Dark One from entering Earth. Samantha has since begun to searth out the remaining falsebloods on Earth. Preparing them for a battle that looms on the horizon."

Once Upon a TimeEdit

Myths & Legends 6Edit

Myths & Legends 7Edit

Sinbad One-ShotEdit

Ever AfterEdit



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