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Prologue is the prologue to The Dream Eater Saga. It does not include characters from Salem's Daughter in the story, but does set up the cross-over that does include characters from the world of Salem's Daughter. In addition to the 12 page story there are 7 bonus pages with short bios of major characters.


The Grimm Universe heroes and villains from both past and present are here but not one of them is safe! Sela, Belinda, Calie, The Piper, Sinbad, Baba Yaga, Anna Williams, The Queen of Hearts and a over a dozen more are in grave danger and nothing and no one can be taken for granted. The Dream Eater is coming and it will stop at nothing to take what it desires! Who is it? Where does it come from? And what does it want? The answers are coming and they will shake the very foundation of the Grimm Universe to it’s core!

The first ever Zenescope crossover is finally here as good and evil both must fight against a common enemy that might very well be unbeatable. Do not miss the biggest Zenescope event of the summer!

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