Braden Cole
Deciding to spare someone
Full Name Braden Cole
Spouse Emma Cole
Kid(s) Son
Additional Info
Job(s) Gunslinger
Species Human
Number of Issues 12
Comic Appearances
First Appearance
Salem's Daughter Prelude
Last Appearance
The Haunting: Part 5

Braden Cole is one of the main characters of Salem's Daughter. He narrates some of the stories to some extent.


He was married to Emma and they had a son, but Darius killed both of them and now Braden wants to stop him and to get revenge. Once he met Anna, the current object of Darius' obsession, he has joined with her and is trying to keep her safe. Even though she's much more powerful than he is, she's only just learning how to use her powers.

In the ComicsEdit

Salem's Daughter PreludeEdit

The Awakening: Part 1Edit

The Awakening: Part 2Edit

The Awakening: Part 3Edit

Legend of the Jersey Devil: Part 1Edit

Legend of the Jersey Devil: Part 2Edit

Salem's Daughter One-ShotEdit

The Haunting: Part 1Edit

The Haunting: Part 2Edit

The Haunting: Part 3Edit

The Haunting: Part 4Edit

The Haunting: Part 5Edit



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