Hanging Laundry

Anna Williams is the title character of Salem's Daughter.


Anna is a witch with magical powers as her mother was before her. Although she had some idea as a girl that she was a witch, she did not practice her powers, because her parents feared the attention it would get her. She did know enough to reject Darius's offer, but was unable to stop her powers from surfacing when she needed to protect herself against the mind controlled Jared.

Had it not been for the help of Braden, already hot on Darius's trail seeking revenge for the death of his wife and child, she would not have survived to escape Salem Township. She travels with him, leading the way as she tries to find the people in her visions that need their help.

In the Comics

Salem's Daughter Prelude

The Awakening: Part 1

The Awakening: Part 2

The Awakening: Part 3

Legend of the Jersey Devil: Part 1

Legend of the Jersey Devil: Part 2


Once Upon a Time

An old woman runs into their camp saying that she just turned sixteen that day and then she dies. Even though Braden thinks she must be crazy, Anna believes she really was sixteen. As proof she points to the woman's pigtail braids, an unusual thing for someone as old as the woman looked.

Salem's Daughter One-Shot

The Haunting: Part 1

The Haunting: Part 2

The Haunting: Part 3

The Haunting: Part 4

The Haunting: Part 5